Stewart: Thank you for being such an excellent mediator.

–Rita H.

Dear Mr. Sutton:  Thank you for consulting with me regarding my husband’s concerns.  Your legal advice was excellent.

–Candace B.

Dear Stewart: Let me take this opportunity to thank you both professionally and personally for representing me this past year and a half.  Thanks to you, I can put this dark chapter of my life behind me once and for all.

–Robyin M.

Mr. Sutton is one of the most ethical and knowledgeable lawyers I have ever encountered in the business world.  If you have a legal question or an ethical question, then this is the best professional to call – no games, no gimmicks – just law and order.  How refreshing!

–Inga G.

Mr. Sutton:

I wanted to thank you for your article on confessed judgements. I came across it recently and it has been an essential tool in helping teach our associate.  A brilliant, succinct, and informative piece of writing.

Thanks again,

–Troy N.

Your service to-date has been exemplary and your counsel very much appreciated.

–Ellen D.

Stewart: Thank you for everything! I truly appreciate all your work on my case.

–Rebekkah B.

Dear Stewart: Thanks again for all your help.  Throughout my case, I thought many times about “throwing in the towel”, and I would not have made it without your guidance.

–Rick R.

You’re amazing!  I truly appreciate all your hard work, time, and effort.

–John M.

Several years ago one of my clients became dissatisfied and demanded a refund for work already completed. Unfortunately for me the client was an attorney and so sued me when I refused. I shopped around and found Mr. Sutton who was by far the nicest and most concerned attorney that I had spoken to. It was quickly obvious that was he genuinely interested in helping me. He recommended that I “put the matter to bed” by paying the client because it would be the cheapest and easiest thing to do.

Although he was clearly correct I was incensed that my client was essentially blackmailing me because their attorney fees would be zero and mine would be significant. Nonetheless, I decided to defend my reputation even though it would be more expensive than settling the case with a refund.

Mr. Sutton understood my concern for my reputation and agreed that although I was obviously in the right it was probably not the wisest financial decision I was ever going to make. His zeal in defending me and his handling of the case were such that you would have thought that that he was the one being sued. He virtually took it personally and worked overtime even though I was paying him a fixed-fee for his services!!

Although we prevailed at trial, the vindictive client appealed (why not? It cost them nothing) and Mr. Sutton agreed to continue helping defend me at a substantial discount because he realized this other attorney was a.) wrong and b.) abusing their position as an attorney to try to run-up my court cost so I would stop defending myself and pay them.

Thanks to Mr. Sutton’s hard work and very clever approach to the issues the appeal judge was able to rule in my favor. Thank you Mr. Sutton!! I think I can reasonably say that he is one of the finest attorneys in the country due to his professionalism, concern for his clients, and work ethic. Yet, despite all his hard work he was one of the most reasonably priced attorneys that I consulted in my search.

If you need legal help, do not hesitate to hire him, you’ll be glad you did.

–Peter F.

Stewart–Thanks for all of your help!

–William T.

Stewart, you keep up with being different. You’re a Lincoln lawyer. The rest are all about money and winning at all cost.

–Nadia D.

Thank you very much for being professional, honest, and reasonable.  I wish you and your family success.

–Abdelhak L.

I was very pleased with the services provided by Mr. Sutton.  I was lucky to have found him.  He is  the most honest attorney  I’ve ever met.  He is a straight shooter, extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Someone described him as “pragmatic and will always craft a legal strategy with practicality in mind”.  That is perfectly said.  His charges were fair, and were absent the usual techniques often used to run up a clients  bill.  I worked with him over the course of 2 years, and during that time he earned my full trust and respect.    That’s very difficult to find these days, particularly in Montgomery county.  Should I ever need legal advice, he’ll be the first one I call.  I would highly recommend  you speak with him.

–Robert K.

I wish I could express how deeply I appreciate your help and thank you.  You have been my lawyer not by contract but by humanity.  You gave me all the legal answers that I wanted to know.  I’ll remember you as a benevolent helper in my most difficult time.  Thank you again.

–Susan Y.

I appreciate all the help/guidance you provided throughout the process.  You made it very simple and easy.  Thanks again!

–Jen B.

I want to complement you on your article in the [December 2012] issue of the Maryland Bar Journal.  It is a real contribution to practitioners.

–Armin U. Kuder

Thanks so much for helping keep me “sane” these past many months.   I truly appreciate all you have done.

–Athena D.

Thank you so much for your help in guiding me successfully through the labyrinth of our legal system.

–Isabel B.

Thank you for your excellent work for us. We could not have had a more sympathetic and patient counsel. The amount of our settlement was better than we had ever expected. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.

–Dan and Patty J.

I just want to say thank you again for taking the time to help make my situation more clear to me. I can’t tell you what a toll this has taken on me and continues to take.


I have been knee deep in litigation for the past 5-years. During this time, I have retained a half dozen different attorneys in various capacities. Stewart Sutton has been the best by far. He knows the law; he is very efficient and responsive; and he never wastes my time nor my money.

He also tells it like it is, giving me a realistic assessment of my chances. Avoid litigation if you can, but if you cannot, then retain Stewart Sutton.


I was about to abandon my long running legal cases. I had paid a dozen different lawyers more than $250,000; and none were able to achieve the results that they had promised me. My former attorneys were only motivated by money; and they prolonged my cases in order run up their fees.

I finally received a lucky break when I was referred to Stewart Sutton. Stewart Sutton is an extremely competent lawyer, who listens carefully to his clients, absorbs and processes all the information thoroughly, looks at every possible angle of a case, and delivers high quality results. I found his knowledge of the law and courtroom abilities to be outstanding. Most importantly, he worked within my budget by finding low cost solutions to my complicated legal issues.

His prompt response to my ongoing legal issues, his professional demeanor, and genuine concern kept me at ease throughout and caused me to regain my confidence in the legal system. He is amazingly competent, very efficient, and reliable. I trust him totally. This is why I strongly and highly recommend him.

–Rose I.

Stewart is an accomplished and knowledable family law attorney. His position is that settling a case in a manner that benefits the litigants children first is the only REAL reason to practice family law. He does not try to impose his view or lay on you the dreaded “this is what I would do” but instead listens patiently to get a resolution that ALL the parties can see is in their best interest. He realizes most cases seem generic and mundane to most attorneys but ALL of those cases have unique people and he approaches each case with this in mind to get GOOD resolutions. If I knew 100 family law attorneys Stewart would still the first one I would personally recommend to my family, friends or even a casual aquaintance!

–Jim N.

Thank you for all of the words of wisdom which definitely helped me get through my case.

–Lisa W.

Thank you for representing me. I was very happy with the outcome of my personal injury case. It would be an honor to work with you again.

–Guaroa J.

Stewart A. Sutton litigates with the force and ferocity of ten lawyers. The defendant’s attorneys thought they could overwhelm him. Instead, Stewart A. Sutton easily overpowered and outmaneuvered a much larger law firm into submission.

–Jeff R.

After calling and interviewing several local attorney’s last year for my divorce proceedings, I decided to select Stewart to represent me. I knew from his attention to detail in our initial (completely free!) conversations that I was selecting a good fit and he did not let me down. From having all the paperwork prepared and filed on time, to reminding me when I needed to be in court, he handled the entire process for me with ease. I appreciate everything Stewart did on my behalf and would recommend him to anyone.

–Steve B.

I had an accident while visiting a park in Puerto Rico. I was injured and lost my job. It was difficult to secure a lawyer in my situation since the accident occurred in a territory where the main language is Spanish. I turned to Mr. Stewart Sutton because he was recommended by a friend. Mr. Sutton did a great job for me. The case was settled positively in a few months. I feel very lucky to have found a lawyer who is so professional, ethical and knowledgeable. During the process he communicated constantly with me and explained all aspects of it. He was courteous and reassuring. I recommend Mr. Sutton highly.

–Zaida P.

As someone who uses attorneys on a regular basis, I was dismayed when my usual lawyer was out of town. I turned to Stewart Sutton in the midst of a complicated financial dispute. I can be hard on attorneys – I tend not to think much of them. This one, however, was a pleasure to work with. From day one, I was kept apprised on the status of my case, receiving regular e-mail updates and phone calls. When the case become more complicated and ran longer than expected, Mr. Sutton was upfront with me about legal costs. All of my options were clearly explained to me in language the average person can understand. I highly recommend Mr. Sutton and will no doubt call on him in the future.

–Zachary R.

Not sure what to say. Wow. Way to kick ass!

–Jackie R.

Stewart, thanks for all your hard work and believing in me. You are brilliant!

–Caroline C.

I am the owner of a Tennessee corporation; and I retained Stewart A. Sutton to collect a debt exceeding $14,000 from a corporate client located in Montgomery County, Maryland. I was incredibly pleased that the debtor immediately paid the entire amount owed as a result of Stewart Sutton’s efforts. I wish all attorneys possessed Mr. Sutton’s innate ability to resolve business disputes without the necessity of litigation.

–Terry B.

I appreciate all you’ve done, all your time and attention on my case, and look forward to resolution!

–Suzanne R.

I am very pleased with the work of Mr. Sutton performed on my behalf. He was able to obtain and enforce a signficant judgment against an out of state resident for only several hundred dollars in legal fees.

— Jeanine C.

I lost my home to foreclosure as a result of my bankruptcy attorney’s negligent acts and omissions. A well regarded Montgomery County law firm reviewed my Chapter 13 bankruptcy file but declined to represent me, because this firm did not believe that I had a viable legal malpractice case against my former bankruptcy attorney. I then met with Stewart A. Sutton. After reviewing my bankruptcy file, he agreed to represent me, because he concluded that I had lost my home due to my former bankruptcy attorney’s legal malpractice. Mr. Sutton filed a malpractice lawsuit on my behalf against my former bankruptcy attorney; and I received a satisfactory settlement to compensate me for my financial losses.

— Carolyn J.

Thank you very much for all of your dedicated service that you provided to my husband and I in our long and difficult legal malpractice case. I want to let you know how much we really appreciated your diligence in helping us to resolve and recover from this ordeal. Now, that we have settled our case and are now looking forward to moving on with rebuilding our lives, we would like to formally thank you for all that you have done in representing and counseling us through this. As there are many attorneys in the world today, we are grateful to have found one such as yourself, who served with such integrity, wisdom, and understanding as you have. We also want you to know that we feel that you have provided us with excellent counsel while representing us through our case. I don’t know how we can ever truly show you our great appreciation for your service. For now, we simply want to thank you for a job well done and wish you continued success in all of your future cases. Truly, the next person that finds you to represent them will be equally blessed too.

— Ralph and Vernelda H.

I retained Stewart A. Sutton because my employer owed me $10,000 in wages. In a course of several months, Mr. Sutton filed suit, obtained a judgment, and collected all of my back wages. Mr. Sutton’s incredible efficiency is evidenced by the fact that my legal fees were less than $400.

— Mark C.

Thank you again for everything you have done for me. I know you spent an enormous amount of time and energy on this and I want you to know that it will come back to you 10-fold. You have “done good” and I am in your debt. You are a credit to your profession.

— Patrick C.

I was sued by a Maryland financial institution for almost $500,000 in damages arising out of my sale of annuity payments; and a preliminary injunction was issued against me. I retained Stewart A. Sutton; and he successfully had the lawsuit dismissed and the injunction terminated within a few months. The cost of Stewart A. Sutton’s legal services was less than $2,500.

— Tammy W.

Thank you for your kindness on the phone today. I’ve been in business and customer service for 15 years, and I was very, very impressed with your politeness and professionalism on the phone. Thank you for being helpful and pleasant. I look forward to working with you in the future.

–Rosie B.

As a result of a physical disability which prevents me from working, I accrued a $6,000 child support arrearage. I was sued for civil contempt for failing to pay child support. Stewart A. Sutton not only had the contempt charges against me dismissed, he was able to reduce my child support arrearage to zero. He also convinced the court to terminate my future obligation to pay child support, despite the fact that I receive Social Security Disability Insurance.

— Barry M.

I suffered a slip and fall accident on a ramp in a parking lot. I spoke with a dozen attorneys concerning my accident, but they all refused to represent me. I then met with Stewart A. Sutton, who indicated that I had an excellent case, because he immediately realized that the ramp did not comply with the American with Disabilities Act. In a matter of weeks, Mr. Sutton was able to obtain a $24,000 settlement for me. Without Mr. Sutton’s expertise and assistance, I would not have received any compensation for my injury.

— Betty R.

We had incurred a $9,400 loss, because our prior attorneys had committed legal malpractice in a construction defect case. We retained Stewart A. Sutton to recover this money. Within a matter of weeks, he was able to reach a settlement in which we recovered $9,000.

— Larry and Dorothy J.

I engaged the services of Stewart A. Sutton to help recover a disputed fee from a large European company. Mr. Sutton’s analysis and advice on the matter was reasonable and reassuring. In a relatively short period of time, he negoitated a settlement amounting to over 80 percent of the amount owed fee and almost $35,000 above the first offer tendered. Considering that Mr. Sutton’s legal fees were only several hundred dollars, this was a very successful conclusion to my problem.

— Marshall P.

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