In the November/December 2019 issue of Bethesda Magazine, Stewart A. Sutton was recognized as one of the top family and divorce attorneys in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Sixty-two other lawyers were also identify as top family and divorce attorneys.  Stewart A. Sutton was the only top family attorney located north of Gaithersburg, Maryland.


; and most of them were named partners at large law firms.

Practice pointer for clients: As I explained in my article, “10 things that you need to know about retaining an attorney” (, the prominent lawyer that you hire for your family law case will NOT do most of the work on your case.   At large law firms, the senior attorneys supervise junior attorneys; the junior attorneys supervise paralegals; and the paralegals supervise secretaries. The result is that most of the work at large law firms is not performed by the named partners, because their primary responsibilities are meeting with prospective clients and mentoring junior attorneys.

Of the sixty-three attorneys identified as top family and divorce attorneys by Bethesda Magazine, about one-third are named partners in their multi-lawyer firm, and most of the others are partners or senior associates in their respective law firms.

In contrast, Stewart A. Sutton performs 100% of the legal work for his clients.  He does not have any associates, law clerks, or paralegals.