Obtaining non-monetary compensation in a personal injury case

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Stewart Sutton has represented many clients in personal injury cases against major retailers and Fortune 500 companies. When settlement discussions reach an impasse on monetary compensation in a personal injury case against a major corporation, this is where a personal injury client and his or her attorney can be creative in asking for non-monetary compensation.  If the defendant is a retailer, you can ask for gift cards. 

Many major corporations sponsor sporting events, such as college football bowl games or golf tournaments.  Other corporations have luxury suites at arenas for sporting events and concerts.  

Stewart Sutton has successfully negotiated personal injury settlements with major corporations that include non-monetary consideration, such as gift cards with substantial value, tickets for luxury suites at sporting events, and VIP access at concerts.  The key to negotiating non-monetary compensation is researching the corporate defendant’s sponsorships of events and ownership of suites at arenas both locally and nationwide.  The client can either attend the event or sell the tickets on the secondary market.  



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