Maryland Litigation Lawyer

Stewart A. Sutton represents clients who want their disputes to be heard by a jury or judge. He represents both plaintiffs and defendants.


Mr. Sutton has tried many different types of cases in Maryland, including custody cases, divorces, breach of contract cases, legal malpractice cases, automobile accidents, premise liability cases, false arrest, false imprisonment, and wages owed to an employee.


After a case is tried, the losing party has the right to file an appeal. Stewart A. Sutton has successfully represented many Appellants and Appellees.  Six such cases have resulted in published opinions in state and federal courts: Ceresino v. Fire Insurance Exchange 215 Cal.App. 3d 814 (1989); Maynard v. Westport Insurance Corp., 208 F.Supp.2d 568 (D.Md.2002); Collins v. Li 158 Md. App. 252 (2004); Collins v. Li (II) 176 Md.App. 502 (2007); Pittway v. Collins 409 Md. 218 (2009); and Meese v. Meese 212 Md.App. 359 (2013). Note that most appellate decisions are not published by the issuing court.

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