Is there a reason to pay a Rockville, Maryland attorney $450 per hour?

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Is there a reason to pay a Rockville, Maryland attorney $450 per hour or more?  I can think of 3 reasons: (1) you want to help pay the attorney’s tuition for his or her child; (2) you want to help pay the mortgage on the attorney’s McMansion; or (3) you want to help pay the attorney’s loan for a luxury automobile.  Do not assume that a high price attorney will obtain the best possible result for you.  Your high price attorney may have too many clients and not enough time to devote to your case.   The work on your legal case may be performed entirely by an associate attorney, who is supervised by the high price attorney.   You’ll be paying for the frequent conferences between the associate attorney and high price attorney.

Instead of retaining the highest price attorney that you can find, I recommend that consumers do online research to identify attorneys with appropriate experience and who charge reasonable rates.  Always ask whether your prospective attorney whether he or she will be performing most of the work on your case or whether the attorney will be supervising a junior associate attorney who will be handling your case.


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